Thursday, April 02, 2009

Well, Hello There...

...long time no post huh? I've been really busy at home and at work. It's not really that everything has been that interesting, but it has been busy enough to keep me away from the keyboard. I'll let you all in on the goings on through some short bullet points:

* Got new job responsibilities at work, and I actually don't mind, because I love this part of the job!

* Finally getting my energy and health back. I officially started subbing for the water aerobics instructor at the Shelbyville Rec Center. So far, I've taught two classes and attend both of the weekly classes, and I absolutely LOVE it! That's in addition to my regular lap swimming and running, and now it's getting nice enough out to start biking!

* I've been busy recruiting for a table at Shelbyville-Bedford County Humane Association's Annual Wine Tasting event. I've also got some stuff in the works for this year's Celebration Pet Day.

* Began volunteering for a national Rat Terrier rescue called Ratbone Rescue. My love for my Indiana brought me to do this. Right now, I'm working as an Applications Coordinator for them. Check out their site!

* Been busy sponsoring a contest on one of my new favorite forums It's a forum for lovers of Rat Terriers. We have so much fun there, and the folks are just great!

* Attending Casey's culinary banquets. They held the pork banquet last Thursday, and it was delicious. His classes are getting more involved now. I'm really looking forward to the beef banquet.

So, I've had a full plate for the last few weeks. I'm hoping to be back on my regular posting schedule. Now, for that cup of coffee that I so desperately need!

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