Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well gang, I'm finally back from my hiatus. I'm actually back a day later than I had planned. The old back decided to act up on Tuesday making it necessary to stay home on muscle relaxers on Wednesday. I'm feeling much better now. I had no idea that just relaxing for a few days would recharge me so much. I can tell that I was definitely overdue for a rest.

The weekend went great. The weather was beautiful on Saturday, so it was the perfect day to go to Nashville Dog Dayz. Casey and I decided to take our time getting up and getting ready. We had a nice, late breakfast and were on our way by noon. We got there, and luckily, found a parking space quickly. We parked on the backside of the duck pond. Shingo rode all the way to Nashville like a little champ. He was SO well behaved for the hour and twenty minute trip. He worked on a chewie part of the way and slept the rest. He's not exactly well leash trained yet, but he still did well walking around the park and events. The only part that bothered him was when we walked around the duck pond. The swans were all honking and walking around, and I think it scared him a little bit. Those swans were WAY bigger than he is. We finally paid our admission and got into the event. We had a great time going to all of the different booths. Shingo especially enjoyed all of the free treats. I met LOTS of great people from great animal organizations. I made some really good contacts for Celebration Pet Day next year too! Shingo got lots of attention from other attendees, and he just ate it all up. After about two hours, Shingo was worn out and so were we. We decided to head out and grab a nibble, before heading home. Shingo was zonked for the ride home.

After we got home and recovered for a bit, we went to our friend Loki's house for grilled steaks with the trimmings. It was nice to get together and relax with good friends. We stayed out pretty late on Saturday, but it was a GREAT day.

Sunday and Monday, we just slept in and lounged. I caught up on some reading, and we had several good movies to watch. Casey also cooked up some things to eat for the week; pot roast and swiss steak. Yum! It was just nice to not have anywhere to be or anything to do. I badly needed a few days like that.

Even though I'm back to the normal routine, I can't wait to have a "relax" weekend again!

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Pennie said...

So happy you got to do some relaxing on your break. Everyone needs a little down time once in awhile to recharge!

Sounds like Shingo had a great time getting out with you and Casey. It's a great idea to get pups out to socialize as early as possible. I bet he was in doggie heaven. =)