Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Back to Normal

I've been lazy updating the past week. It's not that I don't have plenty to share, but I've just been so tired. I spent all of last week playing catch up with the things I had let go during the Pet Day frenzy. I really feel like I've just been going through the motions. It seems that I just can't get enough rest. I think maybe it's just the season. I tend to do this in the fall.

Mostly over the weekend, I just tried to rest. I spent most of the day, Sunday, just lazing around. I did go out in the afternoon for the annual Blessing of the Pets in honor of St. Francis Assisi at the local, Episcopal church. Since Bear had already been twice, and Shiloh and Fergie aren't much for outings, I decided to take Shingo. They had a lovely little service in the back courtyard. It was nice and shady, so the heat wasn't bad at all. Shingo was SO well behaved, especially with so many other dogs there. I held him in my arms most of the time. He just sat there looking around, and kissing everyone that came within reach of his tongue. He just loves everyone. Reverend Peter Whalen conducted the service and had a mass blessing during. Then afterwards, he came around and blessed all of the pets individually. In addition to the blessing, each pet received a certificate and a St. Francis medal. It was REALLY nice. I'm looking forward to next year's service.

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Pennie said...

Your Sunday sounds wonderful. They have a huge Catholic church up the street from me and I know they do a blessing of the animals...but I never find out until it's over with. =(

I've declared Sunday as my official "pajama day". I never get out of my pajama's (unless I have a pet sitting job). I'm learning not to feel guilty about having a day to just "be".