Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Fun!

We had such a great time trooping the Ice Cream Social last night. We managed to attract a rather large crowd, so I hope they got some excellent donations. All the kids were so excited! See when the kids get really excited, it's infectious. I find myself being excited with them. It's a rare chance to remember what it felt like being a kid. I know that most people refer to us costumers as nerds or geeks, but it's about so much more than the costume. Yes we dress in plastic and run around like idiots, but it's always to raise money for a charity or to fulfill a child's wish, or to raise money for hard working organizations that helps LOTS of people. There's a great film being put together called Heart of An Empire.

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The film documents the 501st Legion and its members. It shows us doing what we do best and why we do it. Watch the trailer below:

Get this video and more at

Hopefully, I'll have some pics up soon of last night's events.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

For A Good Cause

Tonight Casey and I are donning our armor for a good cause.

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Today, after work, we are heading out to Franklin to the Cold Stone Creamery to meet up with members of the 501st Legion, Southern Outpost. We are trooping the 5th Annual World’s Largest Ice Cream Social for the Make a Wish Foundation. Here's the scoop on the event:

To cap off this special month, please join us for the 5th Annual World’s Largest Ice Cream Social at participating Cold Stone Creamery locations nationwide, a special night to join together and share the simple pleasures of life with a FREE ice cream, family activities and good-natured fun. Search our site for a location near you. On September 28th from 5:00 - 8:00pm, guests will be treated to a serving of Cole’s Creation*. In exchange for the free Creation, customers are encouraged to make donations to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

So if any of you are close enough, and you wish to see Casey and me get our "nerd" on, head on over. Be sure to say "hi" to us. I'll be an Imperial Officer:

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Casey will be a Snowtrooper. We'll be at the Mallory Lane & Frazier Drive location.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Endings!

I just love it, when what I do helps create a happy ending!! My humane association helped a lost basset hound named Jeb. Jeb had a REALLY bad eye condition and no home. Imagine my suprise today, when I was casually browsing my own hometown newspaper, the Times-Gazette, and the front page featured Jeb's story! I'm absolutely ecstatic!! Go HERE to read his story and happy ending.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Smiles

I know some of these may have already made the rounds, but I still LOVE 'EM. They always make me smile. Who says dogs aren't smart? Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday, September 22, 2006

On My Reading List

I just got my daily e-mail update from the ASPCA. I found a new book that I just have to add to my reading list. It's called Shelter Dogs by Traer Scott.

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Here's the information as listed by the ASPCA.

While volunteering at shelters, photographer Traer Scott was asked to take photos of the dogs she was working with for records and Internet adoption sites. As her files grew, Scott realized that many of the dogs whose photos she had in her archives never made it out of the shelter alive. “I found that no matter what, I couldn’t bring myself to delete their photos, which were in some cases the only record of their existence,” she says. A few months later, Scott began to create the beautiful, honest portraits that make up Shelter Dogs.

The 96-page book features 50 dogs, their souls and spirits revealed through Scott’s images. The author included notes explaining how each dog came to the shelter and what eventually happened to him or her. As important as it is beautiful, Shelter Dogs is a must for anyone who cares about animals—and anyone who’s ever been to a shelter. Quite simply, we love this book.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jam Packed

Pet day is on the horizon. My days have turned into endless phone calls, reading e-mails, sending e-mails, trips to the post office, distributing flyers, and organizing meetings. Last year, I fielded so many phone calls that my cell minute overage boosted Cingular's stock value for the month of May. I KNEW that it would be this way, I just forgot HOW it would be. I liken it to the way a mother forgets labor pains (even though I've never had children). Unfortunately I've been so busy trying to get our event blog, Celebration Pet Day, up and going, that I've totally neglected this one. It's about this time into every event, I throw up my hands and say, "next year someone else gets to lead the charge!" Then, as time passes, I forget and recharge. I'm ready to tackle the world again.

I WILL have to say that this year has by far been the easiest. I have the most wonderful committee helping me this year. Each one has their area of expertise and takes care of those details. This leaves me to take care of loose ends, recruit vendors, and promote, promote, promote. So I need to say a very special thanks to Elaine, Jennie, Mary Jo, Kimberly, Reagan, Diane, and Kitty. You've made my job easy this year!!

I just want to end my post today with this poem. It's why I do what I do.


My prayer tonight is for all who

lie down in chains and cages.

Alone and afraid on

a concrete floor.

Soundless screams behind

the clang of metal.

Locked in rooms

most will never see.

I feel their fear arise in my soul

Ancient yet new...

A primal flame burning against

the walls of my heart.

I want to scream an endless note,

Loud and true:



























And with my eyes,

they will be seen.

With my voice,

they will be heard.

With my hands,

they will know comfort.

With my action,

they will be free.

Dear God, fill their oppressors

with mercy and empathy.

Dear God, instill compassion

where there is apathy.

Replace horror with grace.

Bloodshed with healing.

Restore all humans and animals

to their natural place.

Liberate all humans and animals

from greed, violence and hate.

So that tonight and evermore,

ALL may lie down to sleep





By Brenda Shoss, Kinship Circle 2005

"And let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we shall reap if we do not grow weary."

Galatians 6:9

Keep the faith.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

On A Roll....

A local friend and fellow blogger, John Carney, has really "hit the ball over the wall" for our new Celebration Pet Day blog. He was nice enough to give it some space in the online edition of our local newspaper, The Times-Gazette, as well as a bit in the print edition! Just since it's creation, the hit count has been unbelievable!! It sure is helping to get the word out to the community. I've already updated it a couple of times today. There is new pet photo contest information, as well as a call for additional vendors and pet rescues!! The local community has really put forth an effort to support our event, and I appreciate it SO very much!! Thanks John, for the help!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

My New Blog Project

Everyone, please take a minute to visit my newly created blog for my humane association's pet day. I'd really appreciate it. It has all of the programming information, humane information, and sponsors. More is being added daily. Please let me know what you all think and suggestions. THANKS!!

Celebration Pet Day Blog

Let's Go Krogering!

I just received my e-mail update from the ASPCA. Kroger stores and P & G brands are partnering to help homeless pets. Here's the info:

This fall, Kroger Stores and P&G are partnering with the ASPCA to make life better for homeless animals. Pet lovers can support the program by purchasing P&G brands at Kroger and its participating affiliates, King Soopers, Fry’s, Smiths, QFC, City Market and Gerbes. For every $10 purchase of Iams dog and cat food, Febreze, Swiffer or Bounce made from September 17 through October 14, 10 percent of net retail sales will be donated to the ASPCA—up to a total donation of $50,000. For more information, look for coupons and details in your local Kroger circular or visit

It sounds like a great way to help animals and get your shopping done at the same time!! Now, where's my grocery list?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

1 Month and Counting....

Today is September 14. Celebration Pet Day is exactly 1 month away!!! Today marks not only my internal countdown, but also the heaving, crushing weight that is punching my chest down. My life is quickly becoming meetings, dog training, trips to the post office, and endless phonecalls. So far, the event is coming together great. Now, I just hope that we have folks to come out and enjoy the day. It's funny really. I ALWAYS worry about attendance. Shelbyville is a funny, little town. One year there is a HUGE turnout. The next year, nobody shows up. I'm hoping that this will turn out to be a good year. Our programs are looking good. The 501st Legion, Southern Outpost meet and greet is looking good. Our pet show now has 26 classes. We have goats coming, miniature horses coming, vendors, other area rescues, and agility dogs. I'm just crossing my fingers that the thing is successful!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Speaking Of....

I managed to cripple myself this weekend. I was out with the dogs on Sunday morning. I was walking down my mother's sidewalk (she lives next door), and managed to stump my foot against the landscape beam. After much bleeding and a loose pinky nail, I ended up hobbling for the rest of the weekend. On Sunday, my foot was blue, and I was aching in the bridge of my foot. I really thought I had broken something. Yesterday, wasn't too comfortable either. Finally, this morning I got up and my foot looks and feels more like a foot. I think I just jammed it badly.

One of my best friends, Jennifer, had a cochlear implant yesterday. Jennifer lost most her hearing, when she was just 4 years old. I wish her the very best!! I hope her results are wonderful!!!

There's a new kitty blog at there that you all should visit. It's the life of Finn Mac Cool and my friend Zinia. There are great pics and stories. Go say "hello" and tell them I sent ya!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kitten Love

As promised, here are some shots of the new kittens. We've now got names for all of them. Everyone have a great weekend!

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Isabella and Zoie

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Obi Wan

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Obi Wan and Fergie.

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Napping kittens.

Friday, September 08, 2006

DragonCon Pictures...the First Few

Sorry I was MIA yesterday. Casey wasn't getting any better, so I took the day off to drive him to our doc. He has a very nasty ear infection. He is now armed with anitbiotics, so he should start to feel better soon.

As promised, here is the first of the DragonCon pictures. I'll post the whole album address, as soon as I get it set up. These are just starters.

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My very first Imperial costume and my first "official" troop with the 501st.

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Early morning group shot of a few of the 501st: Southern Outpost members.

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Jedi VS Clone Troopers at the DragonCon Parade.

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Casey and I meeting Anthony Daniels: C3PO.

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Meeting Ray Park: Darth Maul.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Checking In

I'm back from DragonCon. I had a fabulous time!! We had to cut our time in Atlanta shorter than we had planned. Casey got sick on Saturday, so we skipped out on all of the Sunday stuff. He's got it pretty bad. He's so puny, in fact, that he's got a dr.'s appointment scheduled for tomorrow morning. I hate it so bad for him. Yesterday was his birthday, and he felt horrible.

I have a huge pile of stuff to get done, and since I forgot the camera cord today, I'll give the short version of the weekend. Friday morning we got up and moving early. It seemed no matter how much progress that we made, the later our departure time got. We finally ended up leaving around 3:00 p.m. Casey was already feeling a little under the weather, when we left. We got there and met Kim and her finace, Joey, at the hotel. All of us piled in the car and made our way to downtown. We went through registration and picked up our badges. They were tough on checking badges going in and out of the hotels this year. We had an 11:00 p.m. meeting with the 501st Legion, Southern Outpost. I got to introduce Kim and Joey to all of our trooping friends. Afterwards, we just kind of hung out with everyone and filtered through the three hotels.

On Saturday, we were up early. I had my Imperial Officer costume completed and was ready to march in the DragonCon Parade. Casey's Snowtrooper was finished, but he felt so lousy that he chose not to march. Everyone marching had to be at the staging area at 8:30 a.m. The parade stepped off at 10:00 a.m. Here is a quick clip of the parade that CNN captured. Click HERE. The officers were all behind the Stormtroopers and Clonetroopers. It was a LOT of fun. After the parade on Saturday, I got to meet Anthony Daniels, C3PO, and Ray Park, Darth Maul. While in line to meet Anthony Daniels, we met a really nice fan named J.J. Turns out J.J. is a professional photographer. He introduced himself, when Casey mentioned that he hoped our battery lasted just a few more minutes. He was really nice and offered to take our picture with a nice professional camera. The picture turned out fantastic!! I hope to post it here soon. Anthony Daniels is really a super person. He told us the most interesting story about the picture we had signed. Ray Park is a super guy as well. He was very friendly and warm. We talked a little bit about martial arts, and he was very encouraging. I'll post the pics soon!! We finished up with panels and dealer's rooms on Saturday. Casey just got sicker and sicker through the day, so we headed back to the room around 7:30 p.m. By Sunday morning he was done for, so we just came on back home. All in all, we had a fun but short weekend.