Thursday, March 11, 2010

What An Honor!!

I was so excited yesterday to receive an e-mail from The e-mail was to inform me that my dog blog, The Fiesty Three, had been picked as one of Dogster's recommended sites!! Dogster is HUGE, and I'm very honored to have been chosen as one of their top sites!! WOOT!!! 4 Paws up to Indiana, Shingo, and Molly!! Here's part of our congratulatory e-mail:
Dear Indiana Bones, Shingo, and Molly! (assuming you guys answer your own pee-mails!)

I was just stopping by your blog to say.......


On behalf of I have selected your site to be one of our top favorite sites! We love how informative and cute your site is : )

Here are the badges that are proudly displayed at The Fiesty Three.

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Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Congrats!! Congrats!! and Hip-Hip-Hooray!

The Rocky Creek Gang