Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Christmas Friends: Day 1

Each day over at my dog blog, The Fiesty Three, I would like to feature one of my dog friends in their best Christmas gear. Everyone is welcome to join in. If you would like to participate, please e-mail me your picture at:

moodyrichardson at yahoo dot com

Today's friend is Miss Dixie Doodle.


Miss Dixie is miniature Rat Terrier, and quite the character. She has many costumes and personas hehehe!! Miss Dixie belongs to my friend, Linda and her mother, Della. Linda runs a forum called:


Come on over and visit us all there!!


L^2 said...


I got Willow and Stella to wear Santa hats one year: HERE. You can borrow the photos from that post if you'd like to use them. :-) I'm sure there are others on the blog, but I'd have to do some more looking....

Chancellor said...

that is so awesome. I LOVE what you have done with the site.
Glad to see someone who appreciates dogs as much as I do.

I dare you to not smile as you Witness the dog celebrations