Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Waiting Game

I'm still waiting on the results of my MRI, and it's nearly 4 p.m. I'm taking that as a very good sign. You know the old saying, "No news is good news." I'll update you guys, as soon as I know something. Anyway, I'm feeling just a bit better today. My left eye is still pretty watery, but it's more open today. My mouth may be a "tinch" better. It seems that the cortisone is working. Luckily today I don't have that terrible headache. I hope that means that the inflammation is subsiding. Thanks to everyone for the comments, e-mails, prayers, and good wishes. They are appreciated more than you guys will ever know.

I'm about to upload the pics from Saturdays' 5K, so hopefully, I'll have some to share in a bit. Stay tuned.....

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Chrissy said...

The aftermath of Hurricane Ike has kept me so busy at work that I have not had time to read any post. I just read yours. I hope you are better and my prayers are with you. I am sure you will be fine, but you take care and keep everyone posted.