Friday, September 21, 2007

Home Alone

First off, I forgot the camera. AGAIN!!! How can I possibly forget that darn camera every day this week! I keep thinking every night how excited I am to share the new pictures with everyone, and then I sleep. Sleeping makes me forget important things. Things like call and reschedule that appointment or remember to takes Kim's cat carrier back to her, or things like that camera with the pictures of my new, precious puppy!!! GAH! *headdesk*

I am SO happy to report that I DID NOT find my house in shambles upon my return yesterday. Everything was in its proper place. Nothing was destroyed. Nothing was chewed up. There was one flip flop that had been used for entertainment, non-chewed, just used for amusement. I ended up getting home much later than I had planned too! Of all days, yesterday I got caught in some horrible afternoon traffic. I had decided to keep my swim date, so I was nearly 7:30 getting home. It was GREAT that he was without human supervision that long and nothing was destroyed. It was NOT good for his housebreaking routine, but whaddya going to do? Hopefully, over the weekend, I can instill some better potty habits. He just gets SO distracted out in the yard!

So far the vote is leaning towards the name Shingo. He's actually starting to answer to it, so I may be stuck with it. We'll see.

Now, if I can just remember the camera tomorrow!!

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ann said...

YEAH a clean house! My pack is kenneled while we are gone. Frodo always seams to find something to chew. Daisy keeps a clean kennel but will leave a load if she is left alone in the house? They don't mind their little house so that is a good thing:)