Saturday, September 22, 2007


GAAAAAH!!! Why can't I remember to bring my camera with me! I want to share pictures of the new puppy. BTW, his official name is now Shingo the Dingo, and he's answering to it pretty well. There's a story behind the name Shingo. He's named after Shingo Yamamoto who is my favorite competitor on Ninja Warrior. I have an addiction to that show. Shingo is the only contestant that has competed in every tournament. Shingo is a bouncer, so Shingo the dog is aptly named.

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Pennie said...

Not fair picking on us and not showing pictures of little Shingo the Dingo. I love the name and it's the one I chose when you listed them. I like unusual names...just don't ask me to try to pronounce my daughter's two cat's names as they're both in Japanese. =)