Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Yesterday, I started an intensive summer dryland program. I seriously need more core strength. I wanna use the core strength for better, faster flipturns. Anyway, my local Rec Center has a "Boot Camp" class that is run by a personal trainer. It's a very small class and is held three times a week.

I got to class last night, not knowing quite what to expect. Last night's class was A LOT of circuit training. We'd got through a set targeted to a specific body part, then head out to the track for some running. Then back to the cardio room for more sets. It was a great all over body workout. We did a lot of squats and lunges off of the steps last night too. Both good for explosiveness off the wall! There was LOTS of core work too! If I sit for any period of time today, it takes me a while to get up and get going! I'm used to running and swimming, but this class was truly a challenge for me. I never thought I would use running to catch my breath!

I'm so sore today that today's lunchtime swim was a recovery workout. Swim, kick, pull for 3 sets, all done slow and easy. I'm going back tonight for another thousand, just to keep from getting so stiff. I have my online class tonight, so I'll be sitting in my work chair for a long time today. Probably around 13 hours, so I need that second swim!

I have another dryland class coming up on Thursday. I'm just praying to keep up and not die!!

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