Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Busy With the Busy-ness!!

Wow, this weekend was just all kinds of C-R-A-Z-Y!! Not only was it a holiday weekend, but Casey had one of his first, big catering jobs!! He was hired to cater for our Rector's son's graduation party. He was told to plan for 50 people!! So, I took off from work on Friday to help him out and be a gopher. Casey worked all day on Friday and Saturday putting the meal together. When all was said and done, he made 5 big pans of lasagna (3 meat and 2 veggie), a whole beef tenderloin (when sliced makes filet mignon), italian bread with homemade garlic spread, and two triple batches of brownies! The puppies were a bit miffed that I couldn't sit down with them for nearly 2 days! Indy kept wanting and hinting for me to come to bed on Friday night.


It all turned out delicious and everyone was pleased, including the graduate. I have some pictures that I'll post this week of his finished dishes.

Sunday was a fairly busy day too. I had the reading for church on Sunday morning, and I also had to sing for the service. It was my very first solo there. I was uber nervous, because it has been over 10 years, since I've sung in public. I was rusty!! I got through it and the morning's reading too. We had a nice lunch at church, so we just came back home and lounged around. I managed to get in a nice afternoon nap, which made the puppies REALLY happy!!

Yesterday was just a lost cause. We were both so tired! We just napped and watched movies all day long. Hopefully, I'll get back to normal soon!


The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

There's nothing like a Sunday afternoon nap - it's just the best!

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