Friday, July 24, 2009


Last week, Casey and I finally got new phones. We had known that we had an upgrade coming for a few months, and actually put time into our selection. This was the first time in nine years we decided to actually PAY for a phone, instead of taking the free phone offered. After much debate and testing, we finally decided on the iPhone. Lucky for us, we waited until the new iPhone 3Gs was released. So after several weeks of waiting and tracking packages, they finally arrived. Casey, who is the ever typical male, was going to activate and get both of the phones running. This was despite my pleas to just go to the local store and have them do the activation and plan changes for us. This task required several hours over several days on hold with AT&T. Finally everything was set and running. Then over the past weekend, Casey discovered that he could not send or receive text messages. Guess what we did yesterday? We WENT to the AT&T store. They double checked everything, made the necessary changes, and had us running smoothly in less than five minutes. Let's just say the iPhone has been a LEARNING experience for Casey.

In the past week, in addition to struggling with activation and whatnot, we have spent a considerable amount of time accessorizing our iPhones. Since we've never paid for a phone before, we wanted to make sure that we kept them in good condition. Casey is NOTORIOUS for breaking cell phones. We went out and purchased several things to prevent damage. I got a soft gel case to protect from scratches and also some screen protectors too. Casey got online and ordered an Otter Box. Hopefully, it will defend against his type of abuse. We also purchased a car charger, a radio transmitter for our music, armbands, and I got a Nike+ chip to monitor my runs. I never knew this could be so complicated! Hopefully, we're through setting this up for a while.

Oh and by the way, we LOVE LOVE LOVE our iPhones. They've been worth every bit of frustration.

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