Friday, June 19, 2009

The New Guys

I know that I've been really neglecting the blog lately. Believe me, you guys haven't been missing anything. It's just been typical working, coming home, reading, swimming, running, and the same the next day. There has been one new development.

Since Scooter was adopted by my mother's best friend (He's doing just great BTW..He gets hot buttered toast and a boiled egg for breakfast every morning, car rides, and sleeps in the bed), I have a couple of new fosters. They came from a little town about 30 minutes away from me. Their names are Daisy and Jack. They are both older dogs, Daisy is 12 and Jack is 9. They didn't do well at all with the move, but they've both finally settled. Daisy is just a "little old lady crumudgeon", but she is very loving. Jack is just the cutest little thing. He's pretty tiny, even more than Indiana. He's VERY timid and skittish, but he loves to be loved once he warms up. He has the cutest little question mark like strip on his back and rear. We're thinking about just keeping them, since they moved SO poorly and because of their age. Daisy has VERY bad allergies, so I'm giving her meds and using Prep-H to keep down the irritation.

Here they are:





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