Sunday, December 05, 2010

Sunday Wrap Up

I had a really nice day today. First, I went to church this morning. We are currently celebrating Advent, and today Father Pete had a suprise for me. I got to do the readings and light the two Advent candles. I really enjoyed it! The whole while, it was snowing outside! Then after lunch, we had a church Christmas lunch. Everything was decorated beautifully. Lunch was chicken mirabella, green beans, cranberry salad, and bread pudding. It was all so yummy.

After church, I came home and we all had post lunch coffee at Mom's. We were all watching Christmas movies. It was extra Christmas-y with the snow falling, the movies on, and the Christmas tree lights. After a while, Casey and I came back home and took a nap. It was a great afternoon to cuddle up with the puppies!

Tonight, Casey and I finally went to see the new Harry Potter movie! We had to wait for a while, because Casey has been working overtime for the last several weeks. We finally had a break, where we both weren't exhausted. It was WONDERFUL!! I can't wait for the next part!

We're back home now, and I'm once again all cuddled up with the puppies. I'm about to watch some more Christmas movies on Hallmark and call it a night!

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