Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dog Show Wrap Up

Saturday was the 6th Annual Celebration Pet Day Dog Show. Since I didn't have to organize the event this year, I got to go enjoy the festivities. Since I did take Jack last year, I decided to take Indiana this year. He's old enough now, to behave in crowds. I was a little worried about the car ride, but he surprised me and did just fine! He LOVED meeting all the other dogs and people there. I call him, "Mr. Social". Everyone just loved him. One of his favorite new friends was a Great Dane. It was so funny to watch them together. He also made friends with a goat, who constantly head butted him, but in a friendly way!! They were so hysterical together!!

That afternoon, I entered him into the Rescued Dogs class. It was a special class for all the dogs that had been rescued as strays or from shelters. I was so pleased, when he came in 2nd place!! I had his picture made with his ribbon. As soon as I get copies, I'll post it up here.

Here are some videos that I made of the day. We had such a good time!!

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