Thursday, September 29, 2005

Animal Smackdown At My House

Casey filled me in on possibly one of the funniest stories about our pets EVER this morning. Casey lets the dogs out every morning. Since both Bear and Fergie go out on leash, he takes each one separately to save time. Fergie's outing went without incident. It was Bear's trip out, when the weirdness began. Everything was proceeding normally. You know, Bear trotting along doing the hike and pee thing. Phoebe, one of the three kittens (who is now a 1 1/2)always loves to taunt the dogs while they are out. She loves to play. Most times you can hear her actually galloping through the yard to jump on one of the dogs! Bear stopped to mill around the big maple tree in our front yard and was busy sniffing the hastas. That's when Casey noticed the oncoming attack. He saw Phoebe coming from across the yard. She was at full gallop. Then, she performed a move from what Casey described as Friday Night Smackdown wrestling or something from a Jackie Chan movie. She flew across the yard, jumped, took two strides off the tree for velocity, and slammed with her side into Bear. Casey said he'd never seen a cat do anything THAT strange in his whole life. Not to mention, he was laughing so hard he could barely breathe. Poor Bear was just standing there looking utterly bewildered as to what just happened. He was completely caught off guard. Afterwards, Phoebe was just trotting, proudly, through the yard. It sounds like it was hysterical. I just wish that I could have seen it too!

Internet Privacy Issues

As if we didn't have enough internet privacy issues! According to a study, it seems that personal information, i.e. passwords, account numbers, etc. can be detected by listening to the sounds of keyboard clicks!! I guess that MicroSoft will just have to get to work on silent keyboards. How do these people always figure these things out!! Maybe that's a good reason for cat typing. To read more information and the full article click HERE.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Book Day

Casey and I had a lovely weekend. We did get to the Montana Drive-In on Saturday night. Both movies turned out to be pretty good. I was most impressed with Lord of War. I really feel it is worthy of a see anyway. Sunday we just really stayed around the house. We had planned to go out and do some shopping, but the storms rolled in and changed our minds. The day was indicative of naps on the couch. We did managed to get to our little local theatre to see Just Like Heaven. It was suprisingly good. I think even Casey enjoyed it.

Despite feeling under the weather yesterday, I was happy to get my brand new book by Diana Gabaldon. The sixth book in her Outlander series is finally in the hands of readers. It's called A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Even in my incapacitated state, I managed to at least get a couple of chapters read. Hopefully, I'll get a lot more reading done today. My coworker, Kim, and I are really looking forward to meeting Diana Gabaldon tomorrow night at her booksigning. We are busy trying to decide what to wear, and what we would like to ask her. I suppose that I'll be lugging all six books with me to get signed.

There's not much else going on today. Just the usual. Here's a link to a dog health trivia quiz. It's pretty interesting and packed full of good information. Click HERE to take it yourself. Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Little Dogs Lost

Pennie is back from Why Rush?. She's spent the past couple of weeks working in Louisiana in the hurricane relief zone. She's posted some really good pictures of pets that have been separated from their owners. With her permission, I'm posting some of them here in hopes of their owners finding them. If anyone recognizes any of these pets, please contact Pennie so she can give you their location information. Pennie is a wonderful vet tech that volunteered her services to help. Here is some of her work:

Image hosted by

Humane Society of Louisiana camp (which we lovingly call "camp chaos" now).

Image hosted by

If anyone reading this recognizes these girls I sure would like to see them go back to their rightful owners. They're females and it looks like Louise (the black chihuahua) has had a litter of pups and is a little older than Thelma (the tan chihuahua). Louise also has one ear that bends down (making her look oh so cute). She also has some skin issues which we think was due to the flea infestation they came in with. Thelma is also much more shy and it's hard to get her out of her kennel as she cowers in the back. If you recognize these girls or know who owns them please contact the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge at 201-337-5180. They came in from New Orleans parish.

Image hosted by

I ended up naming a lot of the dogs that came in. Scrunt was one of the first I named (and who stole my heart). I'd open his kennel and he'd come flying into my arms and wiggles and kisses. He had a collar on, so was moved to the Humane Society shelter in Hattiesburg, MS. where I hope his owners find him cause he's a great guy.

I hope all of these pets find their way back into the loving arms of their owners. Thanks so much Pennie, for letting me share your story!

New Art Charity Auction

Teresa, the wonderful artist from Hatamaran, has a new e-bay charity auction. It's for another one of her beautiful, original creations. All of the proceeds go to the HSUS hurricane relief efforts. The auction ends October 4th. For more information or to bid, click the picture below or the one in the sidebar.

Image hosted by

Noogie isn't going to sit around and do nothing for his four-legged friends on the Gulf Coast. He's taking a bag of his best treats to share with his less fortunate friends. Impressed by his generous behavior, a flock of bluebirds have followed suit, filling their bags with birdseed and nuts to help their feathered friends build up enough energy to find new trees and homes.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fun Week Ahead

It's finally the weekend. I've spent so much time lately focused on the Katrina animal rescue efforts, that I haven't had much time to personally report. Things are going just swimmingly around the Richardson household. Casey is really enjoying his new job. He's also lost a considerable amount of weight. He went down another belt loop just this week. Tick off notch number 7 for him. It does seem that I've found all that weight he's lost. (Note to self: quit pigging out after this weekend!!). Casey and I did a little shopping last night. We are trying to find Casey some new shorts that fit. It looks like we've waited a little late in the season. We ended up with nothing in the pants department. He did get a new pair of sneakers. Since he walks over 7 hours a day, he goes through a pair pretty fast. I ended up with a new pair too (yipee!! I do love new shoes). We stopped by PetsMart and got the dogs a few new things. Some of their old toys had gotten pretty ragged, so I wanted to replace them. They ended up with a new rope, ball, and chews.

The only dark spot on life you ask? Casey's cousin, Andrew, is deploying to Iraq this week. He's in the army and is deploying out of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. Casey and I both just love Andrew and dread seeing him leave. We know that he'll be there for at least 12 months. Andrew just loves mail and having paper letters especially. So if any of you readers would like to have an army penpal leave a comment or e-mail me, and I'll be glad to hook you up with his address.

I'm looking forward to an exciting week next week. On Thursday after work, I'm headed up to Nashville to Davis-Kidd Booksellers. One of my favorite writers, Diana Gabaldon, is doing a book signing there. Her new novel A Breath of Snow and Ashes the sixth in the Outlander series, is due for release this coming Tuesday. I've officially cleared my book reading schedule for this. I'm really looking forward to it. My co-worker, who introduced me to the Outlander series, is going with me. It promises to be a really fun night. I'll be sure to get some pictures to post here.

Tonight, Casey and I are going to do one of our favorite things. We are going to the Montana Drive-In. It's been a couple of months since we've been there, and we really miss it. I'm looking forward to one of their hand dipped corn dogs, big vat of popcorn, and funnel cakes (could this be the reason for non loss of weight.....naaaaah!!). Since dusk is falling earlier, we should get home at a fairly decent hour. Those 2 a.m. movies were killing me! I think we'll be taking in the double feature of Lord of War and Transporter 2. A night of action movies for Casey. Not bad entertainment for $5! I've got to go and get a ton of stuff done. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected as Hurricane Rita made landfall early this morning.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Flu Season for Dogs?

In the past couple of days, I've read and been sent by friends several articles on "dog flu". This flu has killed several racing greyhounds across the country and has been detected in several kennels. Just like the strains of flu that affect humans, it is most commonly spread among dogs that are kenneled together and are kept in close contact. The CDC is on the case doing studies and research. Once again, just like the flu that affects us, this "dog flu" most commonly affects the young and elderly dogs. Research is encouraging. The dog flu is much less deadly than the Parvo virus. Scientists studying the disease say that it would be relatively easy to develop a flu vaccine for dogs. The two most common flu antiagents are very successful at suppressing and combating "dog flu". There also have been no documented cases of the "dog flu" being transferred to humans. The most common symptoms of "dog flu" are coughing, fever, and a runny nose. In some cases it can be fatal, but this is mostly because pneumonia develops. Most dogs can recover quite well from it. Scientists assure the public that there is no need for hysteria over the epidemic. For full information and history, check out the New York Times article HERE.

And while we are on the subject of health issues for dogs, I received this e-mail alert from DogAge yesterday. You can sign up to receive these DogAge tips weekly by visiting HERE.

Spotting Spotted Fever September 22, 2005

New research reveals another potential health reason for keeping your dog tick-free.

Scientists have recently discovered that a very common type of dog tick can spread Rocky Mountain spotted fever to humans. Early-stage symptoms of the illness can include fever, nausea, muscle pain, and headache. So far, carrier ticks have only been found in a small area of Arizona, but an appropriate flea and tick control program is always a smart health move for your pet.

Just a couple of facts to consider, when planning for one of your best friend's health.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Keeping Them In Our Thoughts

I just want to ask all of my readers to keep Chrissy from Warm Puppies, Fuzzy Kitties, and Life and others in the path of Rita in your good thoughts, prayers, and wishes. As of yesterday, she was waiting to hear if she would be under mandatory evacuation. I just hate it that this is happening all over again so soon. Please remember to support the HSUS, American Humane, the ASPCA, Noah's Wish, and the many other animal agencies that support pets and their owners during these times. Also please remember the American Red Cross. They will need our help now more than ever. Their donation buttons are in the sidebar.

Here's one more way that you can help future hurricane evacuees and their pets. I received this from my Petwarmers list. A petition is circulating asking the Red Cross to set up shelters that will accept pet owners, along with their pets.


Dear Petwamers:

Several people on Petwarmers have asked what they can do so that in the event of another national disaster, pets will not be separated from their guardians. They can sign the petition at this website:

The petition asks the national Red Cross to emulate a local Red Cross program in Nassau County, New York, called Pet Safe, which was started by Red Crossvolunteer, Nancy Lynch. It is the first of its kind in the nation.

Over 25,000 people have already signed the petition and it only takes a minute to fill out. The system centralizes signature collection to provide consolidated, useful reports for petition authors and targets. Please forward this email to others you believe share your concern. Thanks.

You may click the link to sign the petition in the letter above or click HERE

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Guide Dog Reunited With Owner

I saw a really good video link on MSNBC this morning. A New Orleans resident got separated from his guide dog, when he was rescued after Hurricane Katrina. This is the video reunion of the two. Click HERE to see the video and hear their story.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Good Night Moon

We had the most beautiful full moon out last night. It was so bright outside, that I could barely believe it wasn't the middle of the day. Casey and I rushed outside to see if we could get any decent pictures. It was really beautiful with the moon shining with the wispy clouds passing over. We don't have quite the type of camera to get the shots we wanted to, but here are a few that we managed.


I see the moon

The moon sees me

The moon sees the one I long to see

So God bless the moon and God bless me

And God bless the one I long to see.

Friday, September 16, 2005

HSUS Request

The HSUS is asking for governmental help to rescue the remaining animals stranded by Katrina. They are asking all animal lovers to get involved. Here's the request that I received today:

On Wednesday, one of our Disaster Animal Response Teams in New Orleans rescued a St. Bernard from a rooftop – a dog they described as the most emaciated animal they had ever seen in all their years of handling animals. The veterinarian who treated the dog was shocked that the animal, who weighed just 40 pounds, was still alive.

Who helped us rescue this animal? It was several National Guardsmen, who heeded our rescuers’ pleas to take them through the water on a tank so they could get up on the roof to save the dog.

But the troops’ actions were not ordered by the National Guard – nor by the White House, the Defense Department, the Department of Homeland Security, or the state of Louisiana. In fact, despite our repeated requests, none of these entities has formally agreed to marshal their ground forces to help rescue the pets and other animals slowly starving to death in the affected areas.

At a press conference just a few hours ago, I implored the federal government to come up with the nation's first animal rescue plan. Now, I am writing to ask you to give them the same message: Please call or email President Bush and other officials today and urge them to help us before it’s too late.

Time is running out for these animals. Every hour that passes means more pets, locked behind closed doors in the disaster zone, will die of starvation. Our teams are working as hard as they can to reach as many pets as they can - and as we reported to you on Wednesday, we’ve rescued thousands. But there are thousands more.

At this 11th hour, when so many lives are at stake, we are asking you to help. I urge you to contact these government officials today and ask them to help rescue animals before it is too late. Please click here to call or send an email to President Bush and other federal and state officials who have the power to order National Guardsmen and other responders to assist with food drops, help supply our own operations, and do whatever else it takes to save animals.

One of our rescuers said it best: “We should not have to rely on the compassionate instincts of individual Guardsmen to rescue these animals. We need the full commitment of the government.”

Members of Congress have also been calling on President Bush and the federal agencies to actively assist with direct animal rescue. With most of the human victims of the catastrophe removed from the city, it’s not too late to save animals’ lives. It’s time for the government to recognize the incredible bond between people and their pets, and step in to help.

Thank you so much for your support of our disaster teams, and for all you do for animals.


Wayne Pacelle

President & CEO

The Humane Society of the United States

To help click the link above or the button below:

Image hosted by

When Interests Collide

I just love it when two of my favorite things are found together in unexpected places. Check out one of today's entry's at Stuff On My Cat.

Image hosted by

09/16: Stormstroopers prefer feline transportation

Stress In Pets?

In my morning reading over at MSNBC, I've stumbled over an interesting article. According to experts, pets can suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome the same as humans. The way we treat our animals after a traumatic event can determine how well they recover. Instead of giving them the extra touchy-feely attention, professionals recommend that we help reassure them by returning them to their normal lives and routines as soon as possible. They've included a list of symptoms to look for that may indicate stress in your pet. Animal behavior really interests me, and I've found the article quite fascinating. To read the full story click HERE.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Salute to Heroes

Image hosted by
Don't miss Animal Planet Heroes: Hurricane Rescues, this Friday at 9 p.m. ET.
Would you like to learn more about the men and women involved in the Hurricane Katrina animal rescue efforts? This Friday, Animal Planet is hosting a special about folks that are braving the elements to rescue these animal victims. The preview looks really good, so I'm planning on watching. If you would like to see a program preview, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I'm feeling so uninspired blog wise today. I have not one idea of anything interesting to say. There, I've said it. Everything's fine. I'm just trickle in the river of ideas today. So, I'll leave you with some other good people's fine work. Watch the HSUS disaster teams in action. Click for a cool SLIDESHOW. Click here to see how a network of volunteers reunited two terriers with their owners all the way in New York! Everyone have a great afternoon.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Things That Make Me Happy Today

I try every once in a while to just be thankful for the little things. Nothing has taught me that lesson more than this past year has. There's a lot of things making me happy today. Sometimes I just have to make myself a list.

1. My husband

2. My mother

3. My family (all my furries included)

4. A good job

5. Lunch out today

6. Taking Bear for a walk

7. Leaving for work with a clean house

8. A humane association INBOX full of offers to give our animals good homes

9. So many families finally reunited after the wrath of Katrina.

10. Good friends

11. Memories of a happy childhood

12. Tickets to a Moody Blues concert.

13. Meeting Diana Gabaldon later this month. There's so many more. I just have to remind myself to always remember these things. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Moving On

It's finally the weekend. This past week has been such a whirlwind. Thankfully, it's starting to slow down to a normal pace. I've been so busy catching up, after last weekend's trip. It seems no matter how much I get accomplished, I always have much more to do. I'm back to my normal work schedule. Casey is working overtime this weekend, which will pay off later with extra time off. I don't have anything officially planned for the weekend. I think Casey and I will be resting tomorrow (as if we have the stamina to keep going!) I've decided to take Monday off at the kennel. There's a lot of housework and laundry that I need to get caught up. I've been so busy they past several weeks, that I've let the house go. I'll be posting all of the Dragon*Con photos over on the photoblog today. There's quite a few really good pictures that I didn't get the chance to post here. Everyone have a great weekend! By the way, seems my comments have been getting spammed lately. I've turned on the word verification to help alleviate this problem for now. Everyone just hang in there with me.

Seeking the Lost

Pennie of Why Rush? is on her way, along with other veterinary medical professionals, to Mississippi. Pennie is a talented vet tech and is volunteering to help with the animal rescue missions. She's hoping to blog post her experiences. Everyone please join together with me in wishing Pennie a safe and very successful mission. My thoughts and prayers are with her. May she bring rescue, comfort, and peace to those whose lives she touches.

A Prayer for Animals

By Albert Schweitzer

Hear our humble prayer, O God,

for our friends the animals,

especially for animals who are suffering;

for any that are hunted or lost

or deserted or frightened or hungry;

for all that must be put to sleep.

We entreat for them all

Thy mercy and pity,

and for those who deal with them

we ask a heart of compassion

and gentle hands and kindly words.

Make us be true friends to animals

and so to share

the blessings of the merciful.

Friday, September 09, 2005

A Picture That Says It All

Image hosted by
Laura Skelding / Austin American-Statesman

A really touching picture from MSNBC's Animal Tracks slideshow. It just makes my heart break in half every time I look at it. I spent most of yesterday calling everyone I know, e-mailing, and gathering cat and dog supplies. My humane association is helping to fill 2 tractor trailer loads of horse, donkey, cat, and dog supplies to be taken to the Baton Rouge area to the overloaded shelters there. I know that a lot of you are animal lovers out there and feel like I do. Even if you can't send money, look around your home for extras that you have. Just simple things like flea collars, regular collars, leashes, treats, and a couple extra cans of food are a huge help in a crunch. I'm awfully proud that Tennessee is living up to its nickname of the The Volunteer State. I know that the Nashville Humane Association is working with the American Humane Association on hurricane relief as is the Davidson County Animal Shelter and the Memphis Shelby County Humane Association. I'm sure there are many, many others in the area as well. I even heard that they are preparing a special animal shelter in Franklin, TN just for pets of evacuees. The volunteers that are in the affected areas rescuing and saving these pets have my utmost respect. It's a wonderful thing that they do. My heart and prayers are with them.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dragon*Con Day 3

Monday at the con wasn't quite so hectic. Many people were checking out and headed for home. It was really the first day that you could walk everywhere uninhibited. It finally felt like you could breathe. We only had a couple of things left to do. One of them was to meet the guys from the 501st Legion. It's amazing how much work those guys and girls put into their costumes. We also learned how much charity work they also do in communities. A really good group of people. I met a few people from the sister organization called The Rebel Legion. Very neat folks as well. After all of this, we made one last run through the dealers' rooms to make sure there wasn't anything there we couldn't live without. Afterwards, we just headed for home. All in all, I had a great time at Dragon*Con. It was an experience. I'm posting a few more pictures below. Hopefully before the end of the week, I'll have the full set posted on my photoblog. Everyone have a good afternoon.

Image hosted by

The Incredibles

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Chasing Wookies

Image hosted by

We spent forever at the con on Sunday. We were up and ready early. There were lots of programs and panels that we wanted to attend. The first up, was to meet Peter Mayhew, who to Star Wars fans is Chewbacca. Casey and I were lucky. When we arrived at the booth, we were first in line. I can't remember ever being first in line for anything. It was a welcome change from the day before at registration. Anyway, the autographs were supposed to begin at 10:00, according to the program book. We waited and waited. We finally found a Con worker to confirm that Mr. Mayhew was actually scheduled to be there. She confirmed that yes, he probably was on his way. While flipping through the programming, Casey discovered he had been double booked and was busy working a children's hour. We started to wonder if he was really scheduled at all. The children's hour was schedule two hotels over, so we took off. As we got there, we passed Mr. Mayhew on his way out. We decided to go and speak to the lady in charge of the Star Wars scheduling. She told us that he was indeed scheduled to sign autographs over at the main dealer's room shortly. Casey and I took off once again, racing the two blocks back over to where we were in the first place. We did really well. Not only did we make it back, but we beat Mr. Mayhew to the booth and were once again, first in line! I got my autograph and got my picture made with him. We also got to speak with him a little. A very nice man indeed.

Image hosted by

Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and me.
While waiting for Mr. Mayhew, Casey and I also ran into Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace. He is such a super nice guy. He was posing for picture before he even got to his booth for free! He's very talented in martial arts. I was a bit suprised that he was shorter than I was. I guess I expected Darth Maul to be really tall. We also got to see the likes of Marina Sirtis and LeVar Burton (Diana Troy and Geordie LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation), Lou Ferigno, and others.

After the Star Walk in the dealer's room, we headed out to our programs. We attended an Expanded Universe discussion, a MSTK3000 style showing of The Empire Strikes Back, which was absolutely hysterical. One of the most fun sessions we attended was lightsaber dueling. The instructor was Dr. Bill Ernoehazy, Jr, who is an ER doctor and martial arts, sword fighting instructor expert. Dr. Bill was highly entertaining, and while we were only fighting with our meager lightsabers, we were learning real martial arts swordfighting techniques. It was 3 hours long and too much fun. I guess I'm just a big kid at heart, and I still love to play. Here's a group shot of our session.

Image hosted by

Lightsaber Dueling

After we finished lightsaber dueling, we headed out for our last program of the night. It was Star Wars Fan Films. Most were spoofs and were hysterical! You can click the link above to view a few of the ones that we saw. We saw Sith Apprentice, Pink Five, Pink Five Strikes Back, and also watched the very first premier of The Return of Pink Five, and many others. By the time we finished it was almost 2 a.m.! We finally drug weary selves back to the hotel and turned in for the night. More tomorrow.....Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Charity Auction

Teresa from Hatamaran, is a wonderful artist. She especially does wonderful pet artwork. Teresa is holding an EBAY auction for a piece of her artwork to raise money for pet rescue and relief, due to Hurricane Katrina. She is donating 100% of the profits to The Humane Society of the United States. The auction runs until Sept. 9th, 8:27 p.m. CST. To make a bid or for more information, click her picture below or in the sidebar:

Image hosted by

I've also added a banner to the top of the page. Anyone wishing to donate to the HSUS Disaster Fund, may do so by clicking.

Home from the Con

What a weekend!! I feel like I've been gone forever! I tried a couple of times to Audio Blog, but I couldn't get a signal out of the dealer rooms at the hotels. I had a blast at DragonCon! I've had a good hardy dose of Star Wars. Attendance was incredible. The con spread between 3 hotels. It was like fighting your way upstream just to walk anywhere. Casey and I hadn't pre-registered, so we had to go through on-site registration. The line for registration was 4 hours long!! I can't believe that I had enough patience to endure it. We got in line before 11 a.m. and when we finished it was after 2:30 p.m.! How do you describe DragonCon? Well, I got to see so many great costumes (and a lot of people with very tiny costumes...if you get my meaning), I went to a lot of great panels, and I met a lot of great people. Since I was there for a full 3 days, I'll be making posts in installments. Today I'll do an overview of Saturday.

When we finally got out of the registration line, we went to the Star Wars Costume Contest. It kicked off with a spoof band called Aero Sith. They did rock using the actual movie dialogue in songs. It was really funny. The costumes. Talk about creativity, these guys really had it going on!! All of the costumes were handmade. The details were amazing. There were several of Princess Leia and Padme'; really beautiful gowns. There were a couple of Stormtrooper types. One was of an especially intricate expanded universe character. There was a totally homemade costume of Chewbacca. It was so good that it looked very professional. While the judges made their decision, we were entertained by Luke Ski . He's a big parody guy, much like Weird Al. He's been a regular on Dr. Demento a lot. His show was really funny! The winners were announced by Daniel Logan, who played the young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. After the contest, I ran into a guy who bears a striking resemblence to Ewan McGregor. His Obi Wan was spot on! Here's some pics of the Costume Contest winners, some great costumes at the contest, and me with "Obi Wan".

Costume Contest Winners:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Other Great Costumes at the show:

Image hosted by

The Incredibles made an appearance. Image hosted by

Me and "Obi Wan": Image hosted by

Another one of "Obi Wan"

Image hosted by

Afterwards, we went to the Star Wars Trivia Challenge. I so should have entered. I knew almost every answer. Then it was time for the Mr. Star Wars Contest. It was a male pagent of sorts, and it was absolutely hysterical. The guys all had to parade in and do all sorts of stuff like skits, answer questions, and cite pick up lines. I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. Finally, it was time to head back to our room for the night. More tomorrow.....have a good afternoon everyone!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Animal Faces of Rescue

Image hosted by

I came across this link, while reading Puptastic. It's one of the Picture Stories from MSNBC. Click HERE or the picture above to have a look at some of the dogs and other animals rescued during Katrina. It seems obvious to me how much these pets and animals mean to their owners and others in times of crisis. Pets and animals can be such a comfort in times of crisis. Just to stroke an animal has been proven to have a calming effect on blood pressure and many other conditions.

Away for the Weekend

My weekend will officially start after work today. As soon as I finish the kennel, it's fun, fun, fun for me. Casey and I will head out tomorrow to Atlanta, where we'll be attending DragonCon 2005. Yes, I admit it. We ARE "nerds, geeks, dweebs", whatever you want to call it, but this nerd is definitely going to have fun. I plan to spend the weekend submerging myself in all things Star Wars, while nodding politely and waving to the Trekkies. I'm sure that we'll be doing plenty of other things in, while in Atlanta. We have all day tomorrow open, so who knows? I'm going to try to get some Audio Blogger posts on here throughout the weekend. I still have so much to do before we leave. I'm sure that I'll be up late tonight. Thank goodness we are going to take our time leaving in the morning. For now, I'll leave you all with some scenes from my past weekend judging the dog show. Everyone have a great weekend!

Scenes from the dog show