Saturday, July 30, 2005

Weekends Are Wonderful

I've been so busy today that the day has just flown by!! Casey and I enjoyed our swimming so much yesterday afternoon. I've decided to go back again this afternoon. We've both decided to try to just chill out this weekend. We are going to spend the night at home tonight. Casey's getting a new X-Box this afternoon. We'll probably spend all night playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I'm not very talented with video game controls, but since this game is turn fighting, I'll even be able to play. I'm really looking forward to it. Bear will get his daily walk in today. The weather has turned out really nice the past couple of days, so the walks are enjoyable again. Last week it was so hot, that he would get outside and just sit down. Sunday is a free day too. We don't have any plans. Mom's decided that instead of lunch tomorrow, she would like to eat in Nashville after her appointment on Monday. So, we'll just hang around the house and rest tomorrow. That's about the long and short of it for me. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Pool Bound!!

Woohooo!! After an entire summer spent trying to get there, today, I'm finally going to the pool.

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After going 3 times a week last year, I can't believe I've been so lax this summer. I guess I've just been so busy with other things, but I'll be hoping on out here this afternoon to laze around and bake my flesh! I do hope that the dogs will forgive me for getting home later than usual! I plan to really give that kickboard the whatfor today. That wondermous cold front did finally come through, and the weather is absolutely fabulous. It's still in the upper 80's but the humidity monster finally took a hike. I'm just so happy and hyper today. Going to the pool just has that effect on me. Also on Sunday, Casey and I are finally putting up a little above ground pool of our very own. We finally caved and got one of those EasySet Pools, so we aren't required to have any real skill. We got the 18' model. I just hope that we can find a spot in the yard that is fairly level. If not, I guess I'll just buy a rope and have a "shallow end" and a "deep end".

I'm also happy because of some Moody Blues news. As you all know, The Moody Blues are my very favorite band in the whole world, and that Justin Hayward is my favorite singer. I found out that they are going to perform 2 shows close enough for me to attend!! One is right in my backyard in Nashville. The other is in Cincinnati, OH. That show is a double bonus, because I get to visit with Melissa, who just moved back there. Both of us are already happily making plans for that weekend in October. Because of the Moodies show, I'll get to visit with her twice in October. She's coming home for a visit in the middle of October. I can hardly wait. Visiting with friends and two whole weekends of Moody Blues music! The week after that Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith is released on DVD. That way I can enjoy my little obession in the privacy of my own home. Yes indeedy!! The future is looking good!! Everyone have a great afternoon!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Still So Sleepy

It seems this week that no matter how much sleep I get, I still need more. These past two weeks have been such a whirlwind. Casey and I have been so busy that the time has just flown by. There are so many phone calls that I need to return and so much stuff that needs to get done. All of that has taken a back seat to the ever powerful nap. It's irritating really. There are times that I just want to sit down and read. I get started and read a few pages, but soon my head is nodding and my eyes are drooping. I just find myself sitting there staring at the page. Hopefully this weekend will bring some much needed rest.

I got busy with projects yesterday and didn't get around to making a real post. I had meant to post that yesterday was my Mom's birthday. We didn't do much celebrating on a week night. We all had a nice dinner at home. This weekend, we plan to take her out for a really nice meal and a shopping trip. She's been a little bit under the weather, so waiting until the weekend to celebrate is just fine with her. I just have to say, that I think I have the very best Mom in the whole world. We've always gotten along so well. Right now, she's trying to decide if she wants to shop on Sunday or if she wants to wait until Monday. On Monday, we do her regular three month checkup with her primary doctor. Since we have to go into Nashville, it's a great opportunity to shop. By the way, a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

Today holds the promise of another busy day. I have several work projects that I need to get done. At least the heat wave has come to a temporary end. We are expected to have a high in the low 80's today, instead of the triple digits. It is a more than welcome relief. Casey's only too thankful for the break too!

I stumbled onto a great little slideshow at MSNBC this morning. It's called Animal Tracks . It's a funny little slideshow of animal pictures. You can even subscribe to the little newsletter, so you can get periodic updates. Some of the pictures are absolutely hysterical. Go to the MSNBC homepage. Scroll down until you see the image that I've posted here. Click the image and away you go!! Enjoy! Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Why I Do What I Do

"There is no one on earth more deserving of help than a good old dog who has given its heart and soul to its family and then lost its home." -Annie Simon

A GREAT statement that sums it all up for me. The same applies to cats for me as well. Just something to think about.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ASPCA Launches A New Look

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The ASPCA launches its newly redesigned website today. It has really cool personalized features. You can track your progress in their action campaigns and even keep up with your donations. If you are not already a member, you can sign up. Everyone click HERE or the picture above to have a look.


This weekend was busy!! It was go, go, go nonstop and hotter than Hades!! I'm ready for the heat wave to just give it up! Casey and I did just chill on Saturday night. As a matter of fact, we were both so exhausted that we were taking a nice, long nap by 5:30 p.m. We managed to pull ourselves up around 8:00 p.m. and scrounge up some dinner. We decided just to rest and take it easy on Saturday night, since we knew Sunday was going to be a busy day. We got up Sunday morning and after some breakfast started to move furniture around. We got the full pie safe moved out of the way into the kitchen. We also got the old sofa moved out and stored in the garage. I wish that we could've just taken it to the trash center, but we didn't have morning access to a truck, so we just have to wait for the city pick up day. I did mean to tell you all that we ended up buying both of the sofas (they match). Casey said that he wanted one to lounge on all his own. After we got the furniture all moved out of the way, I started vacuuming all of that long, lost forgotten junk up out of the floor. I also cleaned the carpet too. We managed to get the sofas picked up in M'Boro and back to Shelbyville without any trouble. It took quite a bit of manuevering to get them through the front door though (we had to take the front door off of the hinges). If they'd been an inch bigger, it wouldn't have worked. Even so, it took a good bit of trying to get them in the house. I had the dogs penned in the back part of the hall and house by using a baby gate. Both Bear and Fergie managed to escape and get out of the front door. Fergie just ran around to the back door to be let in the front part of the house. Bear ran out just as Casey and our neighbor Grady got the second sofa part way in the door. I heard Casey make the comment, "Forget the couch, catch the dog!!!" Luckily, Grady's wife, Tammy, was standing there. Bear being the social butterfly he is, just had to stop and visit. So, Tammy just grabbed him and kept him there. I was SO glad. I could have ended up chasing him through the neighborhood in the 100 degree heat! Fergie is well trained with her "come" command, but Bear is just starting to be trained. It is in instances just like that that it really comes in handy. I'm able to stop Fergie cold, just by using my voice. Anyway after the dog recapture, we finally managed to get them both inside. Casey and I got all of the furniture back in place. We ended up redesigning the living room a little, but we decided it looked better and gave us more space. I'm very pleased overall. I'm going to make pictures tonight to post. We are also enjoying having a lot of stretch out room too! After we grabbed a bite to eat, Casey went in to work.

Yesterday was busy as well. I worked a long day at the kennel. Jennie is busy with the final stages of her house building, so I stayed and took care of the kennel for her. It wasn't a busy day, so I could really take my time on everything. We had some of the cutest dogs there. We had a fiesty little Papillon named Taz, a speckled Cocker Spaniel puppy named Freckles, and a tiny (probably only 2 pounds) Yorkshire Terrier named Shiloh. Both Freckles and Shiloh were there for training. They were so cute doing their little "sit stays", "downs", and "places". I couldn't help but giggle at them. You could tell Freckles "down", and it looked like someone had flattened him to the floor. It was just so funny! It was too hot yesterday afternoon to let the little dogs out in the play yard, so I just let them out to play in the training room. Taz and I really had a good bout of playing. It's not often that we get the toy dogs, and I really enjoy having time to spend with them.

There's not much on the agenda today. My goal is to keep Casey from having heat stroke. His new job requires him to be out in this heat for about 6 hours everyday. We have heat warnings out. Our heat index yesterday was around 108 degrees! I think our actual temp was around 98. The air is still thick with humidity. You only have to be out a couple of minutes to be completely soaked. I gotta run get some work done. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Chocked Full of Busy

I feel like I'm just dangling out there in the wind today. Last night was busy just like Thursday night. I worked, got the shelter done, and then went grocery shopping. I had dropped Casey off at his game store job on the way home from work. We had the most spectacular electrical storms last night. The lightning was just awesome. I'm usually not one for storms, but these didn't seem destructive, so I tried to enjoy. I was just glad for the break from the oppressive heat. The storms came in 2 waves. The first one lasted about 15 minutes. I quickly took the chance during the break to get the dogs out for the night one last time. It was about 9:30 p.m. I bopped outside, thinking it would be cool and refreshing. I was wrong. The air was so thick and heavy, you could cut it with a knife. You could just feel yourself walking through the humidity. I felt the mosquitos swarming and the damp air coil itself around my body. I'm telling ya, it was just ICK!! The dogs were panting in just minutes. I checked the temperature when I got inside. It was still nearly 90 degrees. I've changed my mind. I think I liked the dry weather we were having before. I guess it just goes to prove that we are never satisfied. The second wave of storms moved through around 10:30. Casey was supposed to close the store at 10:00, and the power went out. He had to wait to close out until the servers came back up online. He had a good wait. He called and told me to wait for a while to pick him up. It was probably about 11:30 p.m., when we finally got home and after midnight, when we finally got in bed.

I feel something akin to a zombie this morning. I guess that I'm just getting past the point of being able to pull off things like that. I'm trying every little trick to stay awake. Right now, I'm listening to the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith soundtrack. I discovered a site online, where you can listen to the whole album. Click here, if you want to have a listen. Lots of great stuff by John Williams. I have the actual CD at home. It came along with a 70 minute DVD that features clips and music from all 6 episodes. Really good. I've put in a lot of extra time at the main job this week, so I'm going to leave early today. I'm headed for home and a nap early this afternoon. We were going to try to go to the drive-in tonight, but we are both so tired we are going to stay home and rest. I doubt that I can make it until 1:30 a.m. this week. Casey's been working both jobs and hasn't had a day off yet, so I know he's too tired. We are going to be busy tomorrow bringing the new sofa home. We have some cleaning and moving around to do. Monday, I'll be back at the kennel and the regular routine. Hopefully, next week won't be so busy. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2005

You'll Never Catch Me Copper!!

Got this funny little story at MSNBC today. Just kinda made me giggle.

A golden retriever named Murphy has been sent a summons to appear in court. Apparently, Murphy was walking around with his owner without a leash. To read the full story, click HERE.


It's Friday ya'll!! What a busy week it's been. I can't believe how the time has just flown by. Do you realize the next week is the last week of July? It won't be long before we're all talking about snow and Christmas. We sure could use some of that snow today. When the alarm went off at 4:45 a.m. this morning, it was already 80 degrees!! The meterologist smugly reported that this week has seen some of the hottest temperatures that we've had since 2000!! Casey figured it would be this way, just because his job requires him to work outside.

Yesterday was just crazy. I spent most of my day working on a big project out in the stacks. I was on the move. Casy had to work last night, so I decided to clean house. I started just as soon as I got home. Got that knocked out. Then, I went to the shelter to do the afternoon duties. I got all the dogs and cats put up and cleaned up for the night. I left them happy and full of treats. On my way home, I grabbed a bite to eat. I got all of this done before dark. I got the arrangements made with our neighbors to pick up our new sofa on Sunday!! YIPEE!! I'm so looking forward to it. So Sunday morning, Casey and I have to get everything cleaned up and the way cleared to bring everything inside. I'm going to do a little carpet cleaning underneath stuff too. That way, all we have to do is bring it in and sit it down.

Today looks like a busy one too. I've got to finish up my work project and get my bindery stuff ready. Casey has to work again tonight, so I'll be on my own. I'm also doing the shelter stuff again too. After that, I should be able to relax a little. Maybe I'll get the laundry started. Got to get up early in the morning. I have to follow Casey to the tire place to get a new tire put on. His is as flat as a pancake. Hopefully, the old tire will inflate with fix-a-flat! I've gotta run. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fishtank In a Thunderstorm

Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. Casey got to be on his own at work, so he paced himself a little more. He was not nearly as wiped out as much last night. I think he's finally getting used to it. During the day yesterday, Casey had found an ad for a 30 gallon fish tank and stand. We were intersted. We can't use our 29 gallon, because of a bad leak. We've been looking for a replacement. We drove out to see the tank after work yesterday. It was raining like crazy, but we forged ahead. We bought the tank, and ended up buying a nice, barely used sofa in the process. It was in GREAT condition. Our old sofa at home was Casey's Mom's, and it is about 17 years old. After much dog and cat traffic over the years, it is in dire need of replacement. Casey and I had talked about replacing it soon, but we hated to buy a brand new one right now, just for the dogs and cats to lounge and wallow on. So, this sofa was really a find. It was only $25!! Believe it or not, it even matches the colors in my living room. We sat on it for about 30 minutes to test it out. We got to see right where it came from, so we're pretty sure there's nothing weird about it. The woman selling it had just repainted her house and realized that it REALLY didn't match. She said that she really hadn't planned on buying new furniture at all, because this was fairly new. After she'd looked at it a while, she finally decided it didn't match at all and decided to sell. I'm so excited. Now we just have to figure out how to get it home. Our neighbors have a pickup, so we thought we might ask them. I'm going to call the U-Haul place to see how much they charge for the day. I'd definitely say our fishtank trip worked out.

Most Animal Hoarders Are Women

I found a rather interesting article on this morning. Studies show that most animal hoarders are single women.

Not all animal hoarders are cat ladies, but most are. The typical person who gets caught with more pets than she can handle is a woman over the age of 60 who lives alone. Experts say there are a handful of animal-hoarding cases per 100,000 Americans each year, which translates to a few thousand incidents annually.

Photo from I'd never really thought about it that way, but now that they mention it, it's been true in the cases that I've dealth with. They also go on to mention that it is a world wide problem. I know that it's related to mental illness. It's often said that may hoarders feel that they are truly "saving" these animals from a sad existence. I've often wondered how many of these people start out legitimately, and then it gets out of control. To read the full article click here. For more information about animal hoarding, click here.

I hope that everyone is having a great day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

A New "Zoo" Link: Wampi

Today, Richardson Zoo, has a new and very worthy link. It's the Save Wampi blog. This is a blog dedicated to saving the family pet, Wampi. Wampi is a Maine Coon cat that took a six story tumble off a roof in New York City. It has required some very expensive surgery and many vet trips to aid and heal Wampi through his miraculous recovery. Read Wampi's story here. If you'd like to help with some of Wampi's vet bills, you may donate directly through the Save Wampi blog. I felt that I had to share Wampi's story here, since so many of the Zoo's readers work to help so many animals, and this is something I'm really good at. So Zoo readers, hop on over and have a visit with Wampi. I've also added Wampi's button to the sidebar, so we can check back with him often.

Everyone have a great day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Another Week

Here I am. Back at the normal schedule. Sometimes, I really do think I need a vacation. I've decided to wait to take a real vacation this year until Christmas time. Now, I'm feeling that I may have to take several long weekends to be able to survive. It's not that I don't feel well. I'm just tired. I've decided that I need a day off for myself. A day off where I'm not running errands, doing housework, taking someone to the doctor, or other things like that. Enough of that.

The weekend was really good. Casey was off at his part time job and was very thankful for the entire weekend to rest. Since he's been at an office job for the past seven years, his new job requires adjustment. He's on his feet walking outside for five to six hours every day. What's really wearing him out is this unrelenting heat and humidity. Our humidity has been awful these past two weeks. Right now, at a little past 10:00 in the morning, our temperature is 87, which isn't too bad. Our heat index makes it feel like 97!! I really feel bad for him. We've been trying to come up with little things to help him stay cool. I think I may get him some of those cooling things that hang around your neck to wear, while he's out there. If anyone has any tips, please leave a comment and let us know.

On Saturday night, Casey and I did manage to get to the drive-in. The movie was a little late starting, because the line was so long to get in. Casey and I got there early and managed to have our dinner. About time the movie started at 8:45, the bottom fell out and it started to pour. We were there seeing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Bewitched. It stormed for a good while. We took it all in stride. We rolled the windows up, turned the engine on, and ran the windsheild wipers. The movies were so good, we really didn't even notice. We had a good time anyway. By the second movie, Bewitched, the storm had passed and the skies had cleared. The stars had all come out, and there was this big, beautiful moon to look at right to the left and above the screen. I wish that my photography skills were better, and I could have gotten a good shot of that. Because of the late start time, Casey and I didn't get home until really late, like nearly 2 a.m.!! Needless to say, we spent Sunday just being lazy and watching more movies. We watched Coach Carter. I highly recommend it. It was outstanding.

Yesterday was my regular kennel day. So on my way to work, I dropped Bear off at the new vet's office. Our old vet finally retired, so it has been a daunting task to find another that we are really comfortable with. Fergie's vaccinations were done last week, so now, we have half the crew through with their yearly updates. We try to stagger them out. With such a big group, so we don't have to sell our souls to pay the vet bills. When I picked Bear up, the vet tech at the front desk told me how much Bear had charmed everyone in the office. Seems he made the rounds and loved on everyone. They just were crazy about him. Bear just has that kind of personality. He's the little superstar everywhere he goes. He got a clean bill of health, which I was very glad to hear. No ill effects from the shots, except that he's a little tired. He did seem to be his old self, when I left for work this morning.

Nothing big on the agenda for today. Just the ususal. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Casey doesn't have a heat stroke or something. Again, suggestions are welcome battling the heat. Everyone have a great day!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Well Read!!

My very own copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on my desk!

It's finally arrived! The release day of the 6th Harry Potter book: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Being the "Oldie McOldington" that I am, I didn't think I could last all the way through the midnight release party last night: especially since I had to work today. So my coworker, Kim, who was going agreed to buy it for me and bring it to me today. Well about noon, my copy arrived. Because I work in a library, I'm always amazed, and I can't help but admit fascniated, by the "Harry mania" that always occurs on release days. Kim said that the party was absolutely insane last night. She said the line was soooooooo long. I have to give my all out gratitude to Kim that I'm able to have the book on the first day! Not long after Kim brought my book, I decided to take a lunch break and dive right in. I'm several chapters along now, and I have to say a good read so far. Don't worry. I'm not giving any plot away here. I'm sure that I'll be spending a good amount of time tomorrow reading!

Not tonight though! Tonight is Saturday, and you guys know what that means. It's drive-in night! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate. I'm about tired of the remnants of Hurricane Dennis!! Honestly, I'm drenched. Now go away!! I'm really looking forward to seeing both Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Bewitched. Especially since it's only $5 to get in for both! I'm not sure if Casey and I are having dinner before we get there, or if we are eating from the concession stand. Secretly, I hope it's the concession stand. They have the best food.

Jennie and I didn't make it to the obedience trials today. She and her husband are in the middle of building there house and have to get some work done today. So, we may try to go tomorrow. I really wanted to go, but I'll get to see it later in the summer.

Monday is kennel day, so I'll be back to my regular schedule. I have a lot to catch up on there, since I've not been in 2 weeks. I can't wait to see who we've got boarding this week!!

I'm going to run for now. I'm going to try and do another AudioBlogger post over the weekend. Thanks for all of the comments. I'm glad that everyone enjoyed it. Maybe I'll do a post from the movies tonight. Everyone have a great weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Wake Up!

Boy, am I ever sleepy today. I slept so good last night, that I'm having trouble getting awake today. I guess that means I'll have to double up on coffee today. There's not much on the agenda for today, which is good. I'm awfully glad that it's Friday.

Casey and I are going to fill in at the shelter Saturday and Monday through Friday of next week. One of the regular workers is going to be gone on vacation. All we have to do is the afternoon duty, which is no problem at all. I'm really looking foward to seeing all of the shelter dogs and cats. I'm betting that I'll get to do a little more training too!

Casey's new job is going really well. We appreciate all of the good wishes coming our way. I think that he really likes it. After working for a police department for so many years, he's really enjoying his scheduled time off. It's so different for him to have a block of time off from work that in no way can be interrupted. He's also very much looking forward to campus shutdown during the Christmas holidays. He's also very lucky that he has such good people in his department. In fact, one of his coworkers worked with him at the police department. They always have birthday celebrations for everyone, and they've also got a white water rafting trip planned too! So, in a word, his department has camraderie. He's loved his first week.

We are planning to have a good weekend too. We are going to try to get back to the drive-in. The movies have cycled out. They are having a great double feature on one of their screens this weekend. It is Bewitched and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I've got to make sure that I rest up tomorrow, so I can last through the last movie.

Jennie and I are planning on going to a local obedience club's obedience trials tomorrow. They are holding them on the other side of campus, so I'll probably head over there and meet her around lunch time. Those are always so interesting to attend. You can pick up some really good tips. It's always fun to get to meet and talk with other people that are into dog training. It helps to get a lot of other perspectives and share secrets. That's about it for me this morning. I hope that everyone has a great day!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Top Dog

The week is going by pretty fast for me. We are still busy at work, but at least we are not as busy as last week. Things are starting to settle down. Casey is really enjoying his new job. The only draw back is getting the dogs on a new schedule. With Casey's old work schedules, the dogs have pretty much had someone there with them all of the time. There was very little time they were left to their own devices. Now, we are both gone for about 8 hours everyday. They've been really well behaved, but it is major joyous chaos as soon as we get home. They are just so excited to see us, after a long day. They've all done really well with their potty breaks too! I just hope the goodness continues. There are no petsitting services in Shelbyville, so I've considered hiring our neighbor across the street to come and let them all out around lunch time. I don't know yet, but it is still something to consider. Not much else going on. I've had a pretty calm week, so far.

On there is a really interesting article about Labrador Retrievers. Click the picture below or the link.

Image hosted by

Photo from

If you are interested in learning about living with Labs, visit my friend Joan's blog called Lab Tails. She lives with the cutest bunch of Labs and tells great stories. There are also great pictures too!! Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I can't believe that I haven't gotten around to the meme from Christine. Since I'm lacking in inspiration today, here goes:

What 5 Things Do You Miss About Your Childhood? "Meme"

Remove the blog at #1 from the following list and bump every one up one place; add your blog's name in the #5 spot; link to each of the other blogs for the desired cross pollination effect.

1. Ben

2. Meeta

3. Motor City Bad Kitty

4. halfgeek

5. Richardson Zoo

Next: Select friends (non-obligated) to add to the pollen count.

1. Anne

2. Pennie

3. Chrissy

4. Lindsey

1. The ice-cream truck. We had a little neighborhood ice-cream truck that cruised through my neighborhood, everyday, in the summertime. As kids, we'd all hear it and tear off after it. We just couldn't seem to wait the fifteen minutes for him to actually come down our block.

2. Playing outside, in the yard, after a rainstorm. My parents' big backyard had a drainage problem in a lower corner. After a good rainstorm, the water would pool up nearly knee deep. As soon as it was safe, all of us would run outside to go "wading" in our instant pool!!

3. Seeing my best friends everyday. Growing up, some of my very best friends lived less than a block away. My friend, Jennifer's, family was the best. We never lacked for anything to do or places to go. We had such wild, crazy imaginations. Jennifer and I and her brothers all had the best times. We were all so close. I remember this one time, we were trying to play Star Wars, and we didn't have enough lightsabers to go round. Being the imaginative children that we were, we headed for the wood pile and pulled out logs to use as our weapons of choice. Unfortunately my grip was too loose when I was unmercifully attacked, and I walked around with a lump on my forehead for weeks. We still keep in close touch, but I miss seeing all of them so often.

4. No worries. I really don't want to sound cliche here, but I do miss the simpler times. Wasn't it wonderful as a child to really not have to worry about things, except what cool toy you were getting next, or whose house you were spending the weekend at? I remember wanting to grow up, so I could have all the freedoms I wanted. It's not until you're an adult that you realize childhood was one of the greatest freedoms of all.

5. I actually miss going home and seeing both of my parents everyday. I grew up with two of the most wonderful parents. My Mom and I are the best of friends, and we talk to each other and visit with each other every day (she lives next door to me). My Dad, unfortunately, has passed away. In fact, it was only a couple of days after my 20th birthday. There are lots of things that I wish I'd asked him or told him.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


It's finally the weekend. Maybe I'll get a little rest in this time. Not a lot going on today, and for that I'm thankful. It's been such a crazy, busy week that it feels good just to be still. No big plans for this weekend. I'd like to take it easy. Casey and I only have one thing planned to do tonight. We are going shopping for Casey. He desperately needs to get some new clothes. He's lost quite a bit of weight the past few months, and he needs new clothes that fit. I'm hoping to sneak a couple of things for me in the purchase too!! WINK, WINK!! Mom and I are hoping to get out a little this weekend together. Casey has to work tomorrow, so we figured that'd be as good a time as any. I'm not sure what we'll get up to yet. Monday, I'll be working at the kennel. It was nice to have the holiday off last week, but I feel like I've really missed out on what is going on with the dogs. It will be good to get back into the routine.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of the people that are on the U.S. Gulf Coast this weekend. It seems that Hurricane Dennis is unmercifully bearing down on them. Last year hurrican season was devastating for them, and it seems that this season may be even worse. To all of you in the path, stay safe! I worry so much about the animals in the paths of these storms. Many of them are left behind. Chrissy has a great post on Warm Puppies about taking pets with you during evacuation. Click here to read it. Also for further disaster resources, check out The American Humane Society and The Humane Society of the United States

Christine has tagged me with a meme, so check back a little later. Hopefully, I can get creative and come up with some really good answers! Everyone have a great weekend!

Tripping the Light Catastic!!

A friend of mine e-mailed me some links to some really great cat stories. One is of an owner and pet being reunited. The other is about a cat that saved an entire family from a burning home. I love great animal stories with happy endings!! Enjoy!

Friday, July 08, 2005


We were so busy around here yesterday that I didn't get a chance to say how sorry I am about the events in London. Bless you all. My thoughts and prayers are with you. What a senseless act of terrorism!! My thoughts are especially with those affected, whose loved ones were affected, and the law enforcement and emergency workers (K-9 units included!!) Be safe!

Doggie Fashion Sense

You know you wanna know what the latest doggie fashion trend is this season. What ARE all of the finely coiffed and couture canines wearing this season? Wonder no more. Check out MSNBC for the latest rundown of this season's trends for the fashion conscious canines. For the full story click here or the picture. Everyone have a great day! "A pink terry cloth bathrobe, made by Gooby Pet Fashions, is just one of the many new clothing accessories available for dogs."

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Saturdays at the Drive-In

Here are some of the sights from the last trip to the drive in with Melissa. There was a classic car cruise-in that night, which was a nice suprise. Enjoy!

Classic car night at The Montana Drive In.
Melissa and me (sorta)with the screen behind us.
Classic car lineup.
Me and Melissa, having a GREAT time!
Whatta GREAT classic Chevy!!

Catching My Breath!

Wheeeewww! I can't believe how non-stop yesterday was. From beginning to end, it was a rat race. To expound a little on my I said, the reptile show was a complete bust. Casey and I got to Smyrna, hoping, that this would be a good show. We got to the entrance and paid our $14 admission, only to find that more than half the vendors hadn't even shown up!! The few vendors that were still there were all angry about badly this show had gone. So basically, Casey and I paid all of that money to look at a room full of mostly nothing. We complained, muttered, and groaned the whole way home. We did leave with a couple thousand crickets to feed our scaley crew, so I guess not all was lost. We stopped on the way back through by PetSmart to stock up on dog food, cat food, and brand new "woobies". Fergie's original "woobie" finally saw its untimely death, so it was time for a new one. We got the same kind. We got two this time, so we could have a spare. Bear and Fergie were both so excited, when we got home with them.

Sunday was a strange day for us. Casey and I went out to the shelter to help install the new air conditioner. There were several out there helping, so I just managed to stay out of the way and work with the dogs. I worked on training two, in particular, to sit, and lay down. I figure anything I can teach them will help make them more adoptable. It took about two and a half hours for the air to be finished, but we finally made it back home. After we cleaned up, Casey and I headed out to Murfreesboro for an afternoon movie. Yes, you already know what it was....Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I just wanted to see it one more time, before it left the big screen. The sound quality and the picture quality were so much better in this theatre. It was a digital theatre with THX, so I noticed a lot that I hadn't before. Even Casey commented on the things that he had missed before.

On Monday, July 4th, Casey had to work most of the day. I took the opportunity to whirlwind the house. I managed to get a lot of the deep cleaning done, like cleaning the ceiling fans and washing down the baseboards. I was also busy getting things ready for our big cookout that night. We had a group of about seven come over and celebrate the 4th with us. After dinner we were all planning on heading out the city park for the fireworks celebration, but we were all so worn out that we decided to just stay home. We all watched the broadcast of the Nashville fireworks show. It's supposed to be the 3rd best display in the country. It wasn't too shabby at all, and it was nice to sit in a nice, cool, comfortable place to watch as well.

I took Mom for her final cataract surgery on Monday. Everything went well. Her recheck went well yesterday too. She is still seeing some shadows in this eye, but the doctor said that should clear up in a week or so. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I've got to run. The day is about to get crazy again. I'm determined to post those photos up on the photoblog today. Sorry that I got busy and they didn't get up last Saturday. I'm also posting some of the pictures of the drive-in the night my friend, Melissa went with us. Everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Super Busy!

Today has been crazy!! So much to catch up on and with after the holiday break. This will promise to be our busy work week of the year. We have textbook vendors coming in to inventory hot and heavy. We just finished up one run that took nearly three hours to do. Wheeewww!! I have so much stuff to catch you all up on. Here's the short version. We had a wonderful weekend. The reptile show turned out to be a complete bust. Casey did take me back to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. I managed to get my house completely cleaned before all of the company came over for our big 4th of July cookout. We all had a great time. Mom's surgery went very well yesterday, and her follow up was good this morning too. I'm sorry this is so short, but I've just got to run. I have a funny story to share in tomorrow's post as well. Everyone have a great evening!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Fun Holiday Weekend!

Image hosted by

It's finally the long holiday weekend. Once I'm off from work today, I'll have the next couple of days free, sort of. Casey and I have quite a lot on our plates for the next three days. We've decided to hold a cook out for some neighbors and friends of ours. In total, there'll be about 10 people, which is a lot for us. After the cookout, we are all planning to go out to the city park and watch the fireworks show. It's small, but not too bad for our little town. They always have food and a midway there too. In the meantime, Casey and I are going to deep clean the house the next couple of days. The carpets are going to get their July shampoo, and we are going to really try to whip the place into shape.

We are planning to try to squeeze a lot of fun in too. After work today, Casey and I are going to the big reptile show in Smyrna. We usually book our Florida vacation, so we can go to a big one in Orlando every July, and we are just tickled that one is actually coming to us this year. It's the first big one to be held in our area. I've looked at the schedule, and they have some really nice vendors coming. We really aren't planning to buy anything this year, but we may see something that we just can't live without. It promises to be a lot of fun. We always enjoy the shows. Tomorrow, I think we are going to work on the house some and then go swimming. I can't believe that it's July, and I haven't been in the pool once this year. I've gotta get myself in gear. Gimme that kickboard!!

I've almost gotten Casey talked into taking me to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith one last time, before it leaves the theatres. They are running a special ticket promotion this weekend. You can send your ticket stub in and enter a contest to win a special pinball machine. They are also doing a "buy 2 tickets, get the 3rd one free" promotion as well. Hard to pass up! Here's the cool 4th of July promotion pic.

Image hosted by

I don't work at the kennel on Monday. Jennie and I decided to be closed, so we can enjoy our holiday too! She and her husband Jason are planning on coming to our cookout. I'll miss getting to see all of the dogs on Monday. I'm planning on working one afternoon next week though.

Mom's scheduled to have surgery on her other eye on Tuesday. She's just done fabulously with the other one. She's so excited about how much improved her vision has been. She can't wait to get the other eye done. I hope that this surgery goes as smoothly as the next one. Because of the surgery, I'll be away until Wednesday. Maybe I can remember to do an Audio Blogger post at the fireworks display or something. I need to try it at least once. I'm also posting new photos on the photoblog today. They are of the drive-in movie events last weekend. Hop on over and have a look. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and a safe 4th of July!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Blogger Survey

Saw this over at The Blonde Librarian's blog. MIT is doing a blogger survey. Click the button to participate.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Such a Shame

Today will shape up to be a pretty busy today again. It's still VERY hot and muggy here. We are supposed to get some rain this afternoon, so hopefully that will cool things of temporarily.

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Came across an interesting news story today on MSNBC. A pet store in Orlando, Florida was burglarized by puppy bandits, and they caught the whole thing on tape. You all know that I don't advocate buying puppies from pet stores, but this is still wrong on SO many levels. I sure hope they catch the thieves, and they are punished. Click the link, or the picture above to see the full story. These links will take you to the MSNBC video page. Click the "Puppy Napping Caught on Tape" icon.

Everyone have a good afternoon!